What is it you really want from a cleaning company?

The biggest, the oldest, the cheapest?

When looking for a cleaning company you can quickly find yourself becoming confused and irritated by the wide and varied choice. Confused between the many different but, basically when it comes down to it, all the very same choices. We do this, we have done that, we are biggest, we are best, our website is the fanciest, we have the most vans. We, we, we, we, we, we - the claims are endless and always about them. No wonder most people choose randomly mostly by just picking the cheapest.

How are you supposed to choose?

Well, obviously we would say you need to choose Gordons but why?

Your dilemma is, in fact, not that you need a cleaner or a cleaning company - what you actually want is a clean office as if by magic. You leave at the end of the day dirty, disheveled, and a bit of a mess only to return in the morning to a find a clean tidy organised office So why waste your time wading through all the incredulous claims and reasons offered by every large, small, new or old cleaning business?


Let me explain...

You may think you need to buy a drill when in actual fact what you really need is a hole.

You may want to buy toothpaste when actually what you really want is clean teeth.

You think you need to hire a cleaning company but really all you want is clean and hygienic working conditions.

With Gordons comes the reputation, the technical expertise, the large staff, our excellent track record and even the awards we have won but that doesn't really matter - what does matter is that you get what you want - a clean well presented office building that allows you to get on with running your business. You want to come to work to find a fresh, clean and clutter free working environment where your staff will be less stressed, where your staff will be happier and where your staff will be more productive.


Gordons don't just offer you cleaners. What Jill and I do is help you increase your sales

      because your potential clients will want to buy from you rather than your competitors
      because we will make you look better than your competitors
      because we will make you more impressive than your competitors.

We will enable your staff to be more happy and more productive by providing them with a fresh clean and stress free environment, we will fit in with your payment system to eradicate any additional stress to your accounts team and we will ensure you are never caught short in the washroom by ensuring you always have sufficient supply of the necessary consumables.

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