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Gordons Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Contractor in Perth, Scotland

GORDONS CLEANING are genuinely pleased to offer the most professional and consistent service in the industry to our clients. Our team have the pride of ownership and that pride reflects in our work. Every time. Day in and day out.

Window Cleaning, Floor Polishing, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Construction Clean Up, End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Washroom Services, T.U.P.E. and more...

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PROFESSIONAL - Gordons cleaners are licensed, insured, and are fully compliant with H & S directives.

RELIABLE - Year-round cleaning schedules designed to fit with your requirements.

FLEXIBLE - Compliance with your corporate billing procedures.

LOCALLY OWNED - And backed by resources envied by national firms.

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Clean Safe Effective

There is nothing quite like a clean orderly work space.No clutter No dirt No dust No problem A good clean up can be almost cathartic, liberating and inspiring. But nobody especially at this time of the year can find the enthusiasm to do it. Well worry no more for Gordons Cleaning are delighted to be at your service. There is nothing quite like starting afresh in fact it can be a real tonic
For all your cleaning demands call Jill 01738 472062 today and let us throw out the old and bring in the new

Ready All The Time

Clean Safe and Effective

A clean hygienic and safe working environment attracts quality employees, it improves production and reflects positively upon you and your organisation as a whole. Potential new clients will be impressed whenever they may want to visit, present clients will be reassured that they did indeed make the right choice when they visit and competitors will aim to to copy your standards when they visit.

Office Cleaning

Clean and Safe

Our daytime co-operative office cleaning service began some years past when "out of hours" cleaning was in vogue. As industry leaders rather than followers we have continued to improve our daytime cleaning service to the extent that many of our clients believe it has "always been this way" and all of our so called competitors are playing catch up and mirroring our industry leading service.
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Keeping You Safe At Work

Beating The Virus

Like the common cold, coronavirus infection usually occurs through close contact with another person or contaminated surfaces. A person can also catch the virus by touching contaminated surfaces.There is a train of thought that spraying disinfectant is sufficient to kill the virus however removal of any infection is the guaranteed way to keep your workplace safe and productive to this end we will spray, wipe and remove from every surface.

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Working Relationships

Nobody goes to just the average hairdresser when they can afford the best stylist, nobody wants a camp site if they can afford a hotel or to be first try an unknown quantity I mean, why should they be the test pilot? Would you rather go out on a blind date or with a friends recommendation?

So do a bit research ask around and find out who can deliver what you want, if it is just a quick whip round with a dirty rag and chuck the rubbish at the back door on the way out there are plenty to choose from.

You pay your money you take your chances. If it is cheap and cheerful you are after it is readily available but watch what you wish for because that might be exactly what you get!

If it is a service that reflects your own demanding standards and one that gives you the edge over your competitors well you now know where to come, but and it is a large but, you have to fit in with our standards our family and our vision because we also wish to continue to grow and succeed.

Let me finish with a few figures

70% of our staff have been with us for 5 years or more and 62% of our clients have been with us 9 years or more.

We were delighted to have been awarded "Employer of the Year and Diversity in Action" awards

New partners have to work together grow together and learn together and we wish to be sure that we can build an excellent and long term relationship with our clients, so please feel free to contact them and ask their opinion of Gordons, make sure that the service we continue to provide is what you desire what you want and what you wish for.

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