Washroom Services

As a washroom service provider we can save you money, save you time, and even do a little bit more to help save the planet through our use of the latest "green products" such as the Dyson Airblade or our recycled paper towels. We supply touch-free this and automatic that - the technological list of equipment and products is endless.

But, let us remember what it is we are doing here - we are providing clean and stocked washrooms, or as the more down to earth of us like to call it, WE CLEAN TOILETS.

While we embrace the latest innovations within the washroom world, we never forget it is about cleaning. Nothing beats a good scrub and clean by a motivated professional - we don't just squirt and leave! At Gordons we scrub, disinfect, wipe, polish and check before we leave.

At Gordons we live and work in the real world, with real people and just like you and your people we may not always be perfect and we may even make the occasional mistake but the difference is a Gordons person is taught to check to find anything not just right and re-do until it is perfectly clean.

Gordons Washroom Services. The only complete local service to offer you everything you require - from our specialist team of trained workers through to a continuous supply of your washroom consumables.

We offer:

  • Hand Driers
  • Paper products and dispensers
  • Motion sensitive air fresheners
  • Water management systems
  • Sanitary Service
  • Infant essentials

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Washroom Services That Won't Run Out On You

The new Airblade hand dryer is the latest innovation for fast, hygienic and energy efficient hand drying. Avoid initial outlay and get value for your money with our rental service for the Airblade hand dryer.

Roll On Up Claim Your Free Dispensers

Enjoy our Free on loan Paper and Hand Soap product dispensers.

* No long term contracts. * Choice of silver or white finish.

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