Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets and floors are a haven for dust and dirt never mind those nasty little mites and bacteria that thrive down there.

Regular vacuuming and cleaning are a necessity and this does go a long way to keep office and communal areas clean however without a regular professional care program those deep down nasties may linger and survive causing at best unpleasant odours and at worse become the source and spread of allergies.

Our clients while genuinely pleased with the results of our regular care program are often surprised and shocked at the amount of dirt and debris removed from a carpet. The dust and dirt visible to people using the carpet is nothing compared to what is trapped down amongst the pile.

A carpet can easily hold its own weight in dirt and that can be as much as 100lbs for an averaged sized office, imagine how much a reception or entrance carpet may hold, never mind staff restroom or canteen.

If your carpets already look like they need cleaned they are overdue.

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