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Gordons Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Contractor in Perth, Scotland

GORDONS CLEANING are genuinely pleased to offer the most professional and consistent service in the industry to our clients. Our team have the pride of ownership and that pride reflects in our work. Every time. Day in and day out.

Window Cleaning, Floor Polishing, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Construction Clean Up, End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Washroom Services, T.U.P.E. and more...

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PROFESSIONAL - Gordons cleaners are licensed, insured, and are fully compliant with H & S directives.

RELIABLE - Year-round cleaning schedules designed to fit with your requirements.

FLEXIBLE - Compliance with your corporate billing procedures.

LOCALLY OWNED - And backed by resources envied by national firms.

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Out of Hours

A clean hygienic and safe working environment attracts quality employees, it improves production and reflects positively upon you and your organisation as a whole. Potential new clients will be impressed whenever they may want to visit, present clients will be reassured that they did indeed make the right choice when they visit and competitors will aim to to copy your standards when they visit.


Safe Clean and Effective

Visit the latest state of the art venue and ask what the other visitors think of it and the likelihood is while they describe at as really lovely they will also mention but the loos were a bit dirty when the fanciest new restaurant opens in town what do you think the customers will say? Oh yes the food was lovely but the toilet paper was that really cheap thin stuff. Now there are many venues and restaurants who do treat their customers with the highest regard and supply clean well maintained washrooms stocked with quality products but just ask yourself are you proud of your facilities do your washrooms reflect your own standards?

Office Cleaning

Clean and Safe

Our daytime co-operative office cleaning service began some years past when "out of hours" cleaning was in vogue. As industry leaders rather than followers we have continued to improve our daytime cleaning service to the extent that many of our clients believe it has "always been this way" and all of our so called competitors are playing catch up and mirroring our industry leading service.
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